I live in a home with four women. 50% of them are graduating from high school this year. And at that point 67% of my daughters will be 100% done with high school. I am 1,000,000% freaked out by that.

It’s not just that they are finishing high school. I understand we’ve been on this countdown since the day they were born. The truth is they will both (in their own very different ways) have completed the education they need for their next steps in life.

The thing that keeps me up at night is the burning question “Have I done all I need to do to make sure they are as prepared as possible for what lies ahead?"

Do they know what they need to know?

And that leads us to where we are right now.

There are 180 school days in their senior year. 180 days where teachers will teach and guide them to a (hopefully) greater understanding of the academic things they need to know. I’m doing the same for the “things their dad ought to teach them.” For each of the 180 school days, I’m also going to remind them of things I think they need to know, things I hope will be as meaningful as calculus and working in the cafeteria. Hopefully they’ll have already heard much of this over the past 17 years.

And so hopefully, somehow, some way, they will know what they need to know.

Before they go…

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